Patrick Bennett

Senior Financial Analyst

Born and raised in Portland, OR I have always had an affinity for commercial real estate.

After earning a degree in Real Estate Finance from Portland State I began my career working locally in brokerage underwriting.  I moved on to private equity soon after, handling acquisitions and dispositions for a significant national portfolio.  Over the course of five years I spearheaded over 25 acquisitions for roughly $60+ million.

Coming back to brokerage allows me to bring unique experiences and leadership to a world that is innovative and always evolving.  Capital Pacific allows me to again focus on the Pacific NW while also bringing new and exciting challenges and facing them with a group of amazing people.

What did you learn from your mentor?

The most important piece of information I have received in my career as a commercial real estate professional is always come at deals from every possible angle. No deal is the same and it is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day but to truly separate yourself and your work you must take a step back and ask yourself, what am I missing? Furthermore, don’t rely on others’ work outside the company, know the business inside and out, and take ownership of everything you work on. Strive to teach others, helping them grow to reach their potential because this will in turn allow you to continue to grow as well.

What lead you to a career in real estate?

No stranger to hard work, I mirrored my career off my family’s past. My grandparents owned a small supermarket in Waupun, Wisconsin, consistently working 12+ hour days. That hard work has been instilled in me from day one and there is no shortage of hard work to be done in the commercial real estate world. Like many real estate professionals my experience started at a young age. Having a family member who was a real estate/land use attorney lead to my initial interest in the business. Learning that every day is different and provides new and exciting challenges with wonderful people is what keeps me here.

What motivates you to succeed?

My family. Every success I have had and will have is based on being able to provide my family with the same opportunities I have been given throughout my life.