Thinking About Rebranding? Gather Info & Set Goals First

Capital Pacific recently revamped our image and message - let's call it CPx.

Capital Pacific recently revamped our image and message – let’s call it CPx.

We’ve had good feedback as well as interest in sharing our process. The process was lengthy and quite insightful – and should always start with information gathering and agreement on goals…

So let’s start with Phase 1, Gathering of Info & Goal Setting:

Do your research:

  • What are your industry leaders up to? Their strengths?
  • What do their brands communicate and how would you position yourself in comparison?
  • What are your strengths? Your differentiation(s)?

Set goals and get sign off:

  • What are your strengths and how should you communicate them?
  • How do you want to position yourself in your market?

Understand the basic elements of visual communication:

  • Each visual element evokes a response, make sure that response aligns with your goals, and make sure that all the different elements complement each other
    •  Colors
    • Fonts
    • Imagery/Photography
    • Design elements
    • Tone

A quick peek at our own re-branding goals:

  • Our goal: to convey our human side while demonstrating a high level of knowledge as market leaders – all this with an energetic vibe.
  • The building blocks of our brand: Our choice of colors, backgrounds, and imagery all had to align with our goals. The tone of voice was also a big one.
  • We started with our website then moved into every other visual communication medium