At Capital Pacific Research Means Boots (& Wheels) on the Ground

One thing that makes us different at Capital Pacific is our proprietary database and the body of work that has gone into it over the past decade.

Our Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle offices all value this boots on the ground approach. Here in the Northwest, we have single-handedly driven every commercial street in every city over the entire Pacific Northwest.

I dedicated several months in 2012 to go back and drive it all again.  We pride ourselves in having a real “boots on the ground” approach to this business. There are small towns and communities scattered all over the region and without physically driving and cataloging you cannot possibly claim to serve every market. I’ve cataloged thousands of commercial properties from Walla Walla to Bellingham, Ontario to Astoria, and Pocatello to Coeur d’Alene.

When cataloging a Shopping center in Oregon with a Daycare facility as a tenant,  the Police were called as someone thought I was trying to take pictures of little kids!!  Not one of my favorite memories…

Summer 2012 Cataloging:

  • 191 cities
  • 10,000+ Miles Driven
  • 18,000+ Property Pictures
  •  Added over 1,200 New Properties to our database

Real-time market insight:

Aside from adding properties and owners to our database, driving these markets allows us to better understand specific submarkets within each city/metro area.  Knowing where growth is taking place and which areas are seeing increasing vacancies and store closures allows us to better serve our clients by relaying real-time, executable advice.